Proactive Maintenance

TRACKtown’s Proactive Maintenance services are key to making sure your computers and networks are always performing optimally. Proactive Maintenance plans bundle services that incorporate security, monitoring and performance optimization for end to end network support. All plans are customized to match the specific needs of your company.

Advantages of our Proactive Maintenance Services:

Cost Savings

Set monthly pricing allows for easy budgeting.

Networking Monitoring

24×7 monitoring of your network’s performance with easy to read reports.

Faster Response Time

Proactive maintenance alerts our engineers at the first sign of an issue.


Ensures regular security patch installation and antivirus definitions stay current.


Offsite digital backups are securely stored at the TRACKtown Computer Services data center.

On-Site Support

Technicians available on-site at your office as needed.

Off-Site Support

Secure remote support when help is needed now.