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Archive for February 2020

What Can OneDrive for Business Do For You?

Do you know what OneDrive for Business can do for you? If you’re not familiar with Microsoft’s OneDrive for business, you’re missing out. OneDrive offers a ton of efficiency features that will help your business thrive. OneDrive for Business is Microsoft’s cloud storage platform that allows online and offline access to your documents. With 1TB…

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What are the Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Your Business?

What is Microsoft Teams and What are the Benefits for Your Business? In November of 2016, Microsoft launched its new program, Teams. Teams is an expansive collaboration program designed around efficiency and creating a more productive workplace. You may ask, what are the benefits of Microsoft Teams for my business? Many of its features are…

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How Much Can VoIP Phones Save Your Business?

How Much Can Switching to VoIP Phones Save your Business? As any business owner knows, communication plays a major role in day-to-day functions and is the frontline for establishing relationships, driving sales, and ensuring that nothing is lost in translation. Granted, we all understand the importance of communication in the workplace, but when was the…

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