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5 FREE Tips to Protect You from Hackers

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Geopolitical hacking threats are increasing and you should be protected – Here are 5 free tips to keep your information safe

Hacker attacking internet

As many of you know, with the current tension evolving between the United States and Iran, geopolitical hacking is becoming a real threat. On January 4th, 2020 an Iranian hacking group targeted a government website that is used in over 110 libraries nationwide. If these hackers can attack a government website, your information systems are absolutely at risk if proper preventative measures are not taken. Below we have listed 5 tips to keep your information safe from hackers, as noted by the CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency).

Prepare your organization for rapid response by adopting a state of heightened awareness

Many factors go into an adequate rapid response plan, including reviewing your security and emergency preparedness plans, consuming relevant threat intelligence, minimizing coverage gaps in personnel availability, and making sure your emergency call tree is up to date.

Increase organizational vigilance

Ensure your security personnel are monitoring key internal security capabilities and that they know how to identify anomalous behavior. Assess your access control protocols. Flag any known Iranian indicators of compromise and tactics, techniques, and procedures for immediate response.

Confirm reporting processes

Ensure your personnel knows how and when to report an incident. The well being of your workforce and cyberinfrastructure depends on the awareness of threat activity. Consider reporting your cyber incidents to CISA as part of an early warning system.

Exercise your incident response plan

Ensure your personnel is familiar with the key steps they need to take during an incident. Do they have the access they need? Do they know the processes? Are your various data sources logging as expected? Make sure personnel are positioned to act in a measured, calm, and unified manner.

Confirm offline backup

Ensure you have an offline backup. Do you have one? If not, your information could be at serious risk of loss of breach. Fortunately, for you, TRACKtown offers dedicated secure backup’s and disaster recovery plans to better protect the safety of your information, 24/7.

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