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Cyber Security

1 in 10 Macs Have Been Infected With the Shlayer Trojan Virus

1 in 10 Mac computers have been found to have the Shlayer Trojan Virus Many people assume that the Mac platform is invincible to malware and trojan viruses, but that’s not the complete truth. While Mac’s have been proven to at times be better protected than a machine running windows, there are still vulnerabilities that…

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Popular Methods of Phishing in 2020 and How to Avoid Them

How can you be protected from phishing attempts in 2020? Despite the vast amounts of information on the internet pertaining to this topic, attempts are on the rise – With phishers becoming increasingly more sly, the security of your information and knowledge of link checking is mandatory. How can you make sure that attackers do…

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Microsoft is Discontinuing Support for Windows 7 on January 14th, 2020.

Microsoft is Discontinuing supports for Windows 7 – What does this mean for your business? Windows 7’s free support will end on January 14th, 2020. What happens when that support ends? Well, for the 414 million people still using Windows 7, it means risk. The biggest issue with Microsoft’s termination of support is the fact…

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5 FREE Tips to Protect You from Hackers

Geopolitical hacking threats are increasing and you should be protected – Here are 5 free tips to keep your information safe As many of you know, with the current tension evolving between the United States and Iran, geopolitical hacking is becoming a real threat. On January 4th, 2020 an Iranian hacking group targeted a government…

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Are You Safe From Ransomware?

Are you protected from the threats of ransomware and malware? You may ask, what exactly is ransomware? Well, in a nutshell – Ransomware is a form of malware that is quickly evolving and becoming more and more common. Ransomware will unknowingly infect a computer and restrict users’ access until a fee (or ransom) is paid,…

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The Importance of End-User Training

End-User Training Training is Just as Important as Cybersecurity. At TRACKtown, we cannot express the absolute importance of end-user training. An estimated 90% of all security breaches are attributed to user error – not software. There are many reasons an end-user can fail to truly understand cybersecurity protocol and how to use certain software, but…

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Stay Ahead of Hackers by Changing Your Passwords

What’s the best way to change your passwords? Often, and with best practices in mind. How frequently do you change your passwords? An alert pops up on your computer: It’s time to change your password again. Sigh. Fine. You’ll just change from password4! to password5! and— Not so fast. Regular password changes are meant to…

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