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IT Compliance

Does Your Business Meet Compliance Standards?

IT Compliance includes the steps taken to maintain proof of adherence to internal policies and external laws. What does this mean exactly? Basically, IT specific compliance aids in the prevention of security breaches where valuable patient or client information could be compromised.

To legally comply with external laws, correct measures in regards to IT policies must be taken to avoid heavy fines, legal costs, judgements, and a loss in productivity.

At TRACKtown, we specialize in adaptable solutions to prepare your business for constantly evolving laws. Our compliance technology scans over 100 separate regulations to ensure that your business is always compliant and never subject to fines or legal reprocussions.

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Five Ways TRACKtown Aids in Compliance:

  • Destruction of Confidential Data: Regardless of which industry your business falls under, there will be regulations regarding the destruction or wiping of critical information. We help to ensure all timelines are met, and even offer secure tools for any employee working remotely.

  • Secure Cloud Hosting for Business: We pride ourselves on the security of our cloud hosting technology and have specific policies in place to keep your information confidential. Avoid astronomical fines attributed to data breaches by switching to TRACKtown.

  • Assisted Password Changing: Many states require your business to switch passwords every few months for security purposes - We are able to streamline this process in order to increase productivity.

  • Data Privacy Education: Yet another requirement in order to keep your company compliant with external laws. We make sure your business is covered in any data privacy situation.

  • 100+ Regulations Covered: Why should you need to spend your valuable time researching law changes when your clients need your attention? Never fear, we scan for 100+ regulations to keep you at the top of your game.

TRACKtown Computer Services offers VoIP Phone Systems that are easy to use, with affordable packages, scaled for any business needs.

TRACKtown Computer Services provides high-performance Cloud Hosting on virtual desktops, while maintaining the highest standard of security.

Our professional IT consulting team will supply you with the experience to optimize the performance, practicality, and security of your information systems.

We provide NGAV pre-infection technology, combined with a real-time post infection monitoring system to ensure your information is safe, 24/7.

TRACKtown utilizes AI-powered centralized security management in order to identify, prioritize, and eliminate threats before they become an issue.