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Cyber Security Solutions

With TRACKtown's Cyber Security Solutions, your information will remain yours.

Many business owners believe that a simple Antivirus and Next Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) security program is enough to protect them from the ever growing threats of cyber-security and ransomware - That's where they're wrong.

More often than not, droppers will carry encrypted malware that can exploit holes in your browser and program files. These dropper files are constantly evolving and are specifically designed to bypass security measures at a high rate. We provide your business with a two step solution to keep you safe and your information the most secure.

We offer fully customizable cyber security solutions, which can be bundled with your existing services to save your business money. With any of our plans, you will receive comprehensive end-user training. This will guarantee your business is safe from malware, spyware, ransomware, or hijacking. continue to grow your business and leave your cyber security issues with TRACKtown.


TRACKtown's Two Step Solution for Maximum Security:

  • Step One: NGAV Pre-Infection technology keeps your data secure.
  • Step Two: We couple our NGAV Pre-Infection technology with real-time post infection software at the Kemel Level. This greatly reduces any amount of risk of malicious infection.

    The security of your business is our main priority and we will take every measure to ensure your information is safe. With TRACKtown, cyber security will be the last thing on your mind.

TRACKtown Computer Services offers VoIP Phone Systems that are easy to use, with affordable packages, scaled for any business needs.

TRACKtown Computer Services provides high-performance Cloud Hosting on virtual desktops, while maintaining the highest standard of security.

Our professional IT consulting team will supply you with the experience to optimize the performance, practicality, and security of your information systems.

We provide NGAV pre-infection technology, combined with a real-time post infection monitoring system to ensure your information is safe, 24/7.

TRACKtown utilizes AI-powered centralized security management in order to identify, prioritize, and eliminate threats before they become an issue.

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