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Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Critical Information Before It's Too Late.

There's absolutely nothing worse than losing valuable information, only to never see it again. In this day and age, it's common for companies to lose important data to hackers, malicious attacks, natural disasters, and more.

What happens to the productivity of your business when something disaster strikes? Do you have a plan?
If your computer systems are down, there's no way to help your clients and satisfy their ever growing demands. Let us help.

In order to preserve precious information, your business requires a dedicated recovery plan. Here at TRACKtown, we thrive in these high pressure scenarios and will ensure your peace of mind to continue operations as normal.

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How We Make a Difference:

  • Dedicated Disaster Recovery Plan: We take you step-by-step through the process of building a comprehensive plan in case of emergencies, custom to your business needs.
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions: In the case of an office fire or complete loss of data, we are able to get your company up and running again through the cloud.
  • Secure Hosting: We pride ourselves on the security policies in place for any of our customer's data. Your information is safest with us.
  • Many Packages Available: We offer recovery solutions for any scale or size of business and can easily cater to your needs.
  • Customers Come First: Having an issue? Our dedicated customer service team will always be here for you, whether it be an emergency or not. See why our clients love TRACKtown.

TRACKtown Computer Services offers VoIP Phone Systems that are easy to use, with affordable packages, scaled for any business needs.

TRACKtown Computer Services provides high-performance Cloud Hosting on virtual desktops, while maintaining the highest standard of security.

Our professional IT consulting team will supply you with the experience to optimize the performance, practicality, and security of your information systems.

We provide NGAV pre-infection technology, combined with a real-time post infection monitoring system to ensure your information is safe, 24/7.

TRACKtown utilizes AI-powered centralized security management in order to identify, prioritize, and eliminate threats before they become an issue.