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The Importance of End-User Training

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End-User Training Training is Just as Important as Cybersecurity.

At TRACKtown, we cannot express the absolute importance of end-user training. An estimated 90% of all security breaches are attributed to user error – not software. There are many reasons an end-user can fail to truly understand cybersecurity protocol and how to use certain software, but the majority of security breaches come from internal factors.

Misuse of software, physical loss of hardware, and improper end-user training make up the melting pot that is data loss.

With these factors, the security of your business is greatly weakened. Evidence shows that many cyberattacks—estimated to cost the average American company more than $15 million per year—could be prevented with better people-management protocols. With any of TRACKtown’s cybersecurity packages, you will receive comprehensive cybersecurity training, which makes it easy to avoid a potential breach. We will prepare your business for success and make it an effortless process for you to stay secure.

We provide mandatory end-user training for every service that we provide. What does this mean for your business?


We make cybersecurity a breeze. With all of the services we offer for your business, we are your one-stop-shop. With only one managed service provider, one contract, point of contact, and one bill – You will save time and money. Bundling your services with TRACKtown will prove to lower not only your monthly operational costs but yearly bills, as well.

What exactly will proper training eliminate? Well, many problems to your business such as phishing, compromised hardware, we will provide software knowledge, decrease the likelihood of hacks to your mainframe, and extortion attempts. Your business could be fined millions if you fail to comply with internal and external regulations. Don’t be another news article – Bundle your services and receive the end-user training your business demands.

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