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Is Your Encrypted Information Truly Safe From Attacks?

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Does your company use a third-party VPN for the encryption of your internet connection?

Little do you know, your VPN provider may not be as secure as they claim. Is your encrypted information truly safe? One way attackers can easily infiltrate, an unsecured VPN is to compromise employee’s credentials where there is not multi-factor authentication technology in place. Once information is accessed, your organization falls into the risk of a data breach – If your business is in the healthcare, legal, or any other field where compliance is a priority, you could risk huge fines and a significant loss of reputation. Without proper encryption, your private data may be collected and sold.  

Our Solution to Inadequate VPN Providers: 

Traditional networks lack device-level VPN control and are unable to inspect internal network traffic. This combination of security gaps allows modern threats such as Ransomware quickly spread internally. The SGN utilizes a ZeroTrust architecture, meaning all traffic – even between computers on the same network – has policy enforced and is inspected for threats, helping to identify and stop the spread of attacks. All traffic is encrypted following the US Government’s recommended cryptographic standards, defending against data collection/interception attacks, and prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from collecting and selling your private data.  

Protecting your phone through our mobile VPN solutions:  

In general, you should be cautious when downloading any VPN app on your mobile device. Studies have proven that 84% of all Android-based VPN apps will leak your IP address, 82% will try to infiltrate your private and confidential data, 75% use third-party tracking, 38% contain malware, and 18% don’t even encrypt your data. Why would you trust an application that can be downloaded by anyone to protect your company’s information? If you do this, you’re just asking for a data breach. Many businesses have programs in place to link their cellphones to company data for ease of use – If not properly encrypted, this information has a high risk of being accessed by the wrong person. This information is often ransomed off, sold, or used to blackmail individuals. Don’t be another statistic – Choose TRACKtown for all your VPN and Security Solutions.  

TRACKtown’s Solution to Mobile Encryption: 

 Mobile devices are an integral part of every business. Protecting these devices, and the users behind them, as they access business email, documents, systems, and websites is critical. We extend your isolated, secure network to mobile devices via our SGN Connect App, delivering security, privacy, and connectivity with ease.   

In this post, you have learned about the risks associated with other/fraudulent “VPN” providers and how to truly protect your private data from outside threats. Here at TRACKtown, we pride ourselves on the security packages that we provide. See how you can keep your information safe and save money, below.